Pregnancy Warning Labels
17 July 2020
Today, the Ministerial Forum on Food Regulation will decide whether to approve a revised proposal from the regulator for mandatory pregnancy warning labels on packaged alcohol.
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31 March 2020
Federal Government Coronavirus Information is available here:
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Credibility of visa over-stayer numbers borderline
11 December 2018
The Government’s Department of Immigration and Border Protection has a vital job to do and that’s to save Aussie jobs being taken by visa overstayers...
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Hasty arrangements and reduced health services at Manus detention facilities
4 April 2018
Refugee accommodation at West Lorengau does not appear to have been finalised at the time of the closure of the Manus Island Regional Processing Centre...
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Show us the money: Government refuses to release report showing resources Family Court needs
28 March 2018
The Family Court in SA is severely under-resourced and needs more funding to relieve the backlog in cases.
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Making palliative care a national health priority
7 February 2018
Australia lacks enough quality palliative care, and I hope to see this situation improve.
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Looking back on a successful year - and ahead to a better one
5 February 2018
With the first sitting day of the new parliamentary year today, it's an appropriate time to reflect on the year now past and our focus...
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Government to produce Manus Island service and construction documents
7 December 2017
My motion, below, was successful (28 v 26 votes), which means the Government will need to produce documentation it has with its Manus Island contractors,...
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